Insurance, 401(k), benefits – when you manage a business, you want the benefits you offer your employees to be a genuine benefit to them.

But not at the expense of the well being of the organization you represent.

We all know the headaches that a badly planned benefits plan can generate: onerous amounts of paperwork, issues due to technicalities, poor administration on the part of the vendor, angry employees and no good outcome on the horizon beyond yet another change in plans which can be its own slow-motion nightmare.

The sad fact is, a badly conceived, poorly administered benefits plan doesn’t benefit anyone.

Ressourcement can help you simplify

We can help you prioritize plan features, so distinguishing between plans becomes easier. And we can show how compromising on one feature can mean big benefits in other areas.

And since we’re business people, we understand the burden regulation can place on your HR personnel.

Which is why we’ll recommend solutions that match your staff’s capabilities.

We’ll also help you take into account all of the other hidden variables that can affect implementation, such as organizational strategy, financing techniques, and employee makeup.

It may seem obvious that some plans will be a better match for you and your organization than others. But if it were really that obvious, there wouldn’t be so many companies with badly fitting plans.

We’ll help make sure your bottom line stays healthy too.

We don’t have to tell you what’s been happening to the cost of benefits. But there are ways to mitigate the effects of this seemingly inexorable inflation.

We know what other organizations are doing in terms of coverage, funding, and innovation – approaches that have helped them recruit and retain employees while controlling costs, and in some instances, reducing them.

And we’ll use that experience to help you keep pace with costs and help make sure as much of your money goes into tangible benefits rather than escalating prices.

The point is, the experts at Ressourcement approach benefits with a business mindset. Our prior experience in law and accounting gives us the breadth of vision we need to help make your package as painless as possible for all concerned.