You know that your organization needs a solution to retain the top talent and fend off competitors, so you design a supplemental executive retirement plan to reward them for their contributions and to provide them with an incentive for future success within the company. Have you spent as much time considering how that future liability will be funded as you have on the SERP design itself?

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) and Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) are the most widely used methods to fund the future obligations associated with nonqualified deferred compensation or other executive benefit plans. If the right solution is used these specialized products can provide tax-deferred growth, potential for improvement to earnings, institutional pricing, cost recovery of funding and a very painless exit strategy. Using high priced “shelf products” from vendors can be frustrating and can create tactical funding disasters.

Ressourcement leverages extensive experience in advanced life insurance design to solve these issues. We’ll assist you and your other advisors in developing the most competitive funding solution for your benefits liability. From the availability of institutionally priced proprietary products to our ICBA endorsed M Benefit Solutions – Bank Strategies program, once you see what we bring to the table we think you’ll be even more confident that your compensation strategies will succeed.