Disability insurance is a topic that few want to discuss, primarily because envisioning oneself or a major contributor to an organization with a disability can be uncomfortable. Yet, the disability of a key executive, physician, or attorney, can be detrimental to an organization’s efficiency, profitability, and most importantly, the valued relationships that drive business. A properly insured executive disability program can be used to hedge against these risks, bring emotional security to your top talent, and make your company more competitive.

At Ressourcement, we have access to proprietary multi-life executive disability insurance solutions that are not available in the retail market and are designed to assist your organization with addressing:

  • Executive Income Replacement
  • Overhead Expense
  • Buy / Sell

These solutions, developed with some of the nation’s most well known carriers, include the potential for larger benefit amounts at a reduced price and a more efficient underwriting process. Most disability policies aim at covering all employees in the company and typically only cover base salary amounts; therefore, they do not provide enough coverage for the high income earner. Additionally, the majority of business succession plans over concentrate on death benefit funding and overlook the need for a buyout of a business partner due to a disability.