About the Name

Ressourcement signifies a return to the beginning, the source, the foundation. The literal translation from its French origin is, ”return to the sources”. Originally a school of theology that arose in Europe during the mid-20th century, today its applications extend to all aspects of our lives. As the world has become incredibly fast paced and the daily demands seem to drown out our dreams, it is important to think back on what we sought to accomplish. It is a return to the past – yes – but its objective is to help us recover a vision or purpose we once had in order to light our way into a brighter, more meaningful future.

All great entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, artists, athletes, and professionals engage in Ressourcement whether they realize or not.

The essence of everything financial lies in a much bigger question: What are we trying to accomplish? Almost every individual or business that strives for success does so in order to actuate the vision of what we want our life to be. Is it really about the money or how successful the product is? Or are those simply a means to an end with the end being the outcome we desire, whatever that may be.

In the end, Ressourcement has to do with defining for ourselves the reason we are here and what we want to achieve, and then embracing it. Committing ourselves to it – stubbornly, fiercely, joyfully.


No, it’s true: the Ressourcement of our lives never really ends. Which is all the more reason to set about getting started.