Dreams can remain unrealized by events in life that are unpredictable, or worse yet, predictable but unattended to. You are well aware of the purpose of insurance but has anyone ever educated – really educated – you on the process and function of how it works in your planning? If not, you’re not alone.

There are scores of extremely intelligent people that do not truly understand insurance. Split dollar, residual disability, and premium finance. What does it all mean and why is it important? Most of the time, it is not through faults of their own, but rather due to a lack of being properly educated.

Insurance, probably more so then any other area is the farthest thing from the one size fits all.

Complex insurance issues demand exceptional knowledge of tax, estate solutions, underwriting risk, carrier due diligence and product performance.  Above all, insurance purchase decisions can only be made when built on complete transparency.  Our unique insurance review process rests on getting
the “right size”.

At Ressourcement we have been involved in advanced insurance design for many years. Alone, it is only one piece of the puzzle, but when assembled with everything else it can complete the package and allow you to return to your dreams.